Hottest Women Of 2015: 45-41

Well, you saw our first 50-46… very impressive so far right? Shall we move onto the next 45-41? I agree, let’s go!

45. Irina Shayk

The bodacious model from Russia… who doesn’t love her? We sure are fond of her, after all… what’s not to be fond of? Did you see when she was our WCW? Keep it up Russia!

irina Shayk

irina Shayk


44. Karina Irby

You might not know her name, but you should! She’s wildly attractive and has the tush of a Goddess. What a babe! We didn’t just look at her butt though. Scroll down.

image image


Told you she’s a babe!

43. Viki Odintcova 

A more recent WCW, Viki stuck with us. She’s incredibly gorgeous and a perfect fit for the 43rd most attractive woman of the year!

image image image


42. Kayla Rae Reid 

A stunning blonde bombshell. She looks like the perfect woman. What a woman! (If you want to see some of her pictures from her playmate of the month July 2015 click here! You should!)



41. Sofia Vergara

Our favorite bombshell from Modern Family had to make the list. She’s like a fine wine who only gets better with age. Hot damn. P.S. do you remember her in Entourage? (She sells bananas in the Medellin episode.)

Entourage girl sophia vi

Entourage girl Entourage girl



Click here to see the next five!

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