Hottest Women of 2015: 50-46

2015, what a year! We saw Bruce Jenner vacate and become Caitlyn, and win an award for it. We discovered hundreds of gorgeous women. We saw Donald Trump throw his hat the ring for the Republican nomination. Oh, and did we forget to say Tony’s Take launched?!  

Either way, it was an amazing year to have an Instagram, because all of these women have blown us away on their accounts! This is our top 50 women of 2015, let’s start with 50-46.

50. Stella Maxwell

The gorgeous Victoria Secret model has had our attention just about every Thursday in our Angels gallery. What a beauty.


stella maxwell


49. Khloe Kardashian

She is apart of one of the most famous, annoying, entertaining, and beautiful families…. depending on your thoughts… it’s one or more of those adjectives. Either way, she has gotten into fantastic shape and she got on our radar a little while ago when she was our WCW. For that, she has earned her spot at 49th most attractive woman of the year!


48. Hannah Polites

This ridiculously breathtaking blonde nearly breaks the internet with every post. She is often on the beach, as she should be with a body like that. She brings a smile to our faces with every post. What a babe! What a tush!


47. Paulina Gretzky

Well, you know her last name, and if you followed our athlete’s girlfriends and wives, you would have seen her there. If you already knew of this wonderful woman, take a second and admire our number 47.

paulina gretzky paulina gretzky


46. Gal Gadot 

One of our women of the week, it’s no wonder why we chose her… after all, she is Wonder Woman! You might also know her from Fast and Furious 6.


will smith gif



Wow! pretty good so far!

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