How To Ask For A Raise, And Actually Get It!

Do you think you should ask for a raise?

Everyone probably thinks they are under paid in their job. Well, you might be. According to, 39% of employees feel they are underpaid in the work place. And according to anyone you ask, nobody feels over paid… Now that we have your attention, let’s show you the best way to approach your boss for a pay raise. First off, don’t storm in asking for more money, but also don’t be timid. Approach your boss at the least stressful time of month. Avoid the first two days of your work week, those are generally stressful times, go in there on a Thursday. So, let’s show you how to ask for a raise, and actually get it!

Do some research before you even think about asking for a raise. Walking in to the bosses office without an arsenal is just stupid. Call up a job recruiter, pick their brain for some info. Give them your skills and ask how much you could be earning if they got you into a new job. Hopefully, they tell you that you could be earning a little bit more. If they do, that’s great, you now know what your worth.

ask for a raise

“Just ask questions.”

Now, you’re ready to go into your bosses office. No need to set up an appointment, that only comes off negatively. Simply ask if they have a second, step in, take a seat. Next, ask questions, like Seth Rogen said in The 40 Year Old Virgin…. it works in the office too. Ask how they feel with your performance. Maybe where they see you in the company in the future. Talk about any ways you’ve saved the company time/ money. If the numbers are substantial, it would only make sense to wet your beak a little bit more then.

Back them into the idea that they’d be stupid not to give you a little extra cash. Especially now that you know what you’re worth. If you can steer the conversation this direction, you are bound to get even a tiny raise. And, even a small raise, is still a raise.

If that approach doesn’t sound like a suitable one for you, this is another method that works just about as well! If you aren’t doing too much at your job, perhaps you’re folding clothes at a department store. You might want to use this one. A study from Harvard business found that when you work in the phrase “given where industry standards currently are, I feel I should be earning___” The way a boss hears that is “ I have found a job willing to pay me___Can you get there?” Now of course, be honest with yourself. If you are of value to the company it’s in their best interest to keep you on. However, if you are calling out every 35 hours, that’s a different story.

So give one of these ideas a shot. What do you have to lose? By the way, we are not responsible for anyone getting fired over this… but if your boss fires you for asking for a raise… he’s an asshole and he goes above the 28 year old Jet Blue passenger for sure!


ask for a raise

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