In Case You Missed It, Fear the Walking Dead Premiered This Week


You Probably didn’t miss it though. The Walking Dead spin-off series drew 10.1 million viewers last night. That’s a record for a cable series premier. It didn’t just set a new record though. It shattered the previous record of 6.88 million set by another AMC spin-off show, the excellent Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

I’m not surprised by the numbers the new show pulled. Walking Dead Classic is a crazy popular mega hit. In its most recent season it never had less than 13 million viewers. I’m not sure if the show is even that good but I start watching it as soon as it airs. Actually, I start watching the recording fifteen minutes in so I don’t have to watch the commercials. I’m not a fucking animal. I can wait for fifteen minutes.

Longtime fans of The Walking Dead know the biggest problem with the show is that is only on sixteen weeks per year. That’s just not enough zombie time. AMC has made the smart decision to give us more. This year they’re starting us off with six more weeks.  That makes for a total of 22 weeks of The Walking Dead. That’s almost half of the year.

Here’s where I start to get worried. AMC has already decided to give Fear the Walking Dead a second season of fifteen episodes. That would make 31 weeks of zombies, well over half the year. What if AMC sees the success of the spin-off and wants to make more? What if they want The Walking Dead on every week? I won’t be able to help myself, of course I’ll watch all of the spin-off shows, no matter how bad the show is.  Zombies in Manitoba – I’d still watch. Zombies in space – I’d say yes to that too.


The best part of The Walking Dead is that it takes a break during the NFL playoffs and comes back the week after the Super Bowl. What if AMC airs a Walking Dead series during the playoffs? What would I do? I just don’t have enough time.

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