Indiana Jones Will Be Back!!! In 2019

Yes, there will be another Indiana Jones. And yes, Harrison Ford will be back as the adventuring professor. Disney announced today that a fifth film in the series is in the works with its star, fresh off his return to another classic film series, set to return. The tentative release date is July 19, 2019. That’s still over three years away.

If you saw the new Star Wars (and I assume everyone did from its box office returns), you may have noticed how old Harrison Ford looks. Well that’s because he is. He’s 73. In July of 2019 he’ll be 77. Sean Connery was only 60 when he appeared as Jones’ father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. What kind of shape is Ford going to be in? What kind of stunts can he pull off? Is the whole thing going to be taking place at a retirement home? These are real concerns.


Ford’s not the only one coming back for Indiana Jones 5. Director Steven Spielberg will be back to direct as well. But this time George Lucas won’t be involved. I feel bad for Lucas here. First he sold off Star Wars. Then he had to listen to everyone say how much he ruined Star Wars and how J.J. Abrams made such a better movie. Now he’ll hear how everyone is so happy that he’s not involved in this new movie. He continues to be every nerd’s favorite punching bag. But we’ve never known an Indiana Jones without Lucas. Are we sure the series is better off without him?

Lucas or not, I’m excited for more Indiana Jones. I think there’s still a lot of potential, even with an almost 80 year old Ford. He’s done the crotchety old man thing well these past twenty years. I think bringing that attitude to the 70 year old Indiana Jones character is fitting. Of course with Ford’s age we’ll need some other character to give us some action. Hopefully not Shia LaBeouf and I really don’t think Chris Pratt needs to be in another movie. There will be someone other than Ford in this thing. Who will it be.

I have no worries about Ford or Spielberg delivering. But who’s writing this movie. Without Lucas, they’re without the main visionary of the series. I’m not worried about Spielberg or Ford delivering. But as of right now we don’y who else will be in the cast or who will be developing the story. We’ll just have to wait for more details over the next few years.

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