IOS 10 public beta is here, but do you want it yet?

The first public beta for IOS 10 arrived today. But should you download it just yet?

Look, I’ll be the first to admit… I’m an Apple nerd and spent the day downloading the latest public beta 1 on my main iPhone. I love to test the shit out and see what’s new and what’s gone. As for you, be honest with yourself. We all love to have the latest and greatest and the new design is noticeable. But, should you update your main device?

If you have the patience to put up with the crashing and freezing of apps and the phone/tablet itself then by all means download! But, if you prefer everything stay in working order… run! Head for the hills and come back down in a month or so when we are into beta 3 or so. If you feel brave head over to Apple’s beta page meow!

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