IOS 11 is coming and it’s kinda awesome! Can your iPhone or iPad handle it though?

Most people who have iPhones and iPads tend to update their software pretty quickly (in comparison to driod users) and why not? You get new and improved things on your device! I don’t get why everyone doesn’t do it. In case you’re on the fence about upgrading let’s help you out.

First, let’s just get on the same page. A lot of people hold onto their iPhones like it’s the winning lotto ticket. A rule of thumb is two to three years back and you’re safe to update. We are on the iPhone 7 at the moment, so let’s just say it’s safe to update to IOS 11 if you have the 6… the 5S is a push. You can give it a shot but I’d just say update your hardware… get a new phone. That lotto ticket isn’t the winning number.

If you are going to upgrade your device, first off wait until the new iPhone comes out. It’s expected to be called the iPhone X (10th anniversary) however it’s not clear if that’s just a code name for now. This isn’t a go get a new phone article but face it, these things last 2 years on average. Also, if you are going to get a new iPhone I suggest you get into the iPhone Upgrade Program. This awesome program is as cheap as 32$ a month to rent the phone from Apple. With that you get a new phone every year and you get Apple Care. So, that means it’s only $29 to replace the screen and $99 to replace the phone. (You can do that 2 times a year). It’s a good deal and you should try it.

So, now that we’ve cleared up who should be upgrading their phones lets talk about what you’ll be upgrading to! I wouldn’t say IOS 11 is a huge upgrade but it’s a sound one. First things first, the Control Center is all on one page. Yeah, not too crazy. But that’s not the best feature…
It’s all about the camera. Live photos becomes an awesome thing. Not that it ever wasn’t, just under utilized. Now, you can trim the live photo, you can change the spot that still image appears. You can even add effects like replay to them. You might be wondering about space for all this… well, it’s going to be smaller, roughly 2 times smaller. Gotta love data compression.

There are some other cool things in there, Apple Pay is going to try to kill Venmo. You can send and receive money through iMessages and Apple Pay. There’s also a keyboard feature that makes it easy to type with one hand. Siri is new an improved… a little bit. She sounds little more real… again…

So, there you have it. Those are the standout features that the everyday user can enjoy. What do you think? Is the juice worth the money? Yes, yes it is. But like I said, update your IOS if you have an iPhone 6 or better.

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