IOS 11 Public Beta is out – But Should You Download It Yet?

If you’re an Apple nerd, like myself then you know all about IOS 11. You also know that we are already on the public beta 2 for IOS 11, which makes the title sound out of date. But you should also know that typically a first beta sucks. Seeing as the second beta was released yesterday now is the time to get the public beta. Assuming you have the phone to handle it.

I just downloaded the public beta on an iPhone 7 Plus 128 gigabyte guy. And so far, so good. I’ve noticed poor battery and some apps are slower to launch. All in all, not too rough for a second release of a beta. If you have the same phone go right ahead. If you’re sporting say an iPhone 5… nope, move on and get a new phone. (I’m not even sure that phone can upgrade but nevertheless).

Let me be clear, if you have the patience these betas are worth it. If YOU know what you’re doing on technology it’s worth it. If you don’t know how to troubleshoot and how to fix issues this probably isn’t for you. But what better a time to learn than meow?! You know, so dive in. Download the IOS 11 Public Beta 2 and get to testing. You can download the beta here.

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