iPhone 6s Release Date

A recent email leak by Mobile News indicated the release date of the upcoming iPhone to be September 25th with preorders starting on the 18th. It has yet not been confirmed whether the phone will be the typical 6s or not. With the roll out of Apple Music tomorrow an announcement from Apple should be coming soon for the new phone.


  • We don’t expect much to change on the exterior of the phone, however a rumor of a new rose gold version is circulating. There is talk of an impressive improvement to the camera, using a two lens system the phone can capture images similar to DSLR quality on the rear camera.
  • Wireless charging is expected in the new phone as well. Since being announced for the Apple Watch it wouldn’t surprise me. After Apple acquired a Sapphire glass company, we should expect to see the scratch resistant glass brought to the phone.
  • A new A9 processor produced by Samsung will consume less battery, improving the phones battery life, big plus if you saw the Rants Your Pants Off Apple iPhone, you know we wanted to see that!
  • Lastly, force touch is anticipated to arrive on the 6s. Giving the user a new way to interact with their device.

This isn’t the best list of upgrades, but it’s certainly not the worst! Will you be getting this new iPhone?

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