This iPhone 7 Case Has A Headphone Jack!

Upgrading to the iPhone 7? What are you going to do about that missing headphone jack? Sure Belkin has the adapter but Daptr has a case with it built in! They even added an additional lightning port on the case. So you just have to ask yourself if you’re willing to add an additional inch or so to the length of your phone. As of now, this is the only case like this that’s been announced.

Personally, I will be getting the iPhone 7 Plus (like everyone else) and that means I’ll need to figure out what I’ll be doing for a set of headphones. Sure they give you a pair, they even include that little adapter. But, what about charging your phone while you’re listening to something? So, this case would be valuable in that regard. Bluetooth headphones just aren’t where they need to be battery wise to make it worthwhile.

Check out the Daptr case here. They are available in all iPhone 7 colors and that goes for the 7 Plus as well. The unfortunate news is that this case won’t be available until about December. So, you have to rough it for a little while. The case will only set you back $49!

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