iPhone 7 Review: What’s Good, What’s Bad

I’ve been using the iPhone 7 plus for 3 days now and so far I’m impressed for the most part. There are some great upgrades and a thing or two that weren’t so upgradish. But before you go ahead and dish out the cash to upgrade your device, go ahead and consider a few things. For instance, will you be locked in with this phone for two years?

The rumors out there are that the next phone, marking the tenth anniversary of the iPhone revolution, will be a big deal. As far as how valid those claims are, we won’t know for certain for a year. I’m not trying to talk you out of it though, I personally upgraded from a basic 6. Let’s see what I’ve noticed.

The Good


The camera takes stunning pictures, at least I think so. I am in no way a photographer. For you Instagram photographers out there, download Light Room and you can turn that boring old meal pic into a stunning feast of a picture. The dual cameras capture riveting colors and the zoom isn’t compromised by any means. The picture below was taken with minimal effort on my part, but a little effort on Light Room. You can download Light Room in the app store.

iPhone 7 photo Bowser

Water Resistance

I have yet to chuck the phone into the pool but looking at the YouTube videos out there, it seems like it’ll hold. You should never intentionally hurl your device into a river but, if you retrieve it quickly you should be okay.


The speed, it’s quick. It can open pretty much any app pretty quickly. Again coming from a basic 6 it can open Snapchat and other apps far faster than my old device. You know, the important apps.

The Bad

Single Lightning port

I used to sit at a desk running my phone all day with podcasts. Well, with the lack of innovation in the majority of wireless earbuds I’m sticking with the Amish wired earphones. Thinking for the people out there who still do things like that, you might get 8 hours of listening time and whatever else you do on a single charge (don’t kid yourself, you’re jumping on Facebook, Snapchat, texting, and anything else.) It will be close. So, you need to stop playing music/podcasts to charge for a bit. Until Belkin releases its dual lightning adapter you’re kind of stuck.


If you have accessories that worked with your old headphone jack, like a running armband for instance, you have to get a new one (most likely). The armband I had was for the smaller size phone, but even if I got a standard 7 the bottom had different slits for the headphones.


No, neither of these are too negative to affect my wanting of this phone. So, it was a good iPhone upgrade. Are you going to get your hands on one?

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