iPhone X Activation Errors Plague Excited New Owners

There you are, you were one of the few to get a reserved iPhone X at 12:01 last week. You took a sick day to sit in a chair staring outside waiting on that UPS man. He finally shows and you are ready to get rolling on your new iPhone X and Bam! You are unable to activate your phone due to server error! You’re not alone!

I was one of these people, I had been going back and forth on getting the 8 Plus or the X and if you listen to the podcast you know I went for it… YOLO right?! (Do people still say that?) Well, it was delivered and it happened to me too! I was able to get through the server after about an hour.

Is there anything you can do to expedite this process? Nope, not to my knowledge… I have Sprint and this shit happened to me too. Nobody has Sprint. I contacted them, even activated it through their website. I was told their end was good. It was the servers on Apples side that was the problem. So if you came in here looking for a solution. Know that at this point in time at least there’s not. You’ll just have to keep trying. Good luck!

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