Is All Fair In Love and War?

With the Deflategate scandal in the NFL, many people have had their moral compass go off in every direction. With Sports, there are always choices that players have throughout any game. CB9aWkiUIAA9VF4.jpg largeI’m sure a lot of you remember a High School Basketball commercial that had a player knock the ball out of bounds. However, the referee made a mistake, and gave the ball to his team. While in the huddle the coach is drawing up a play to win the championship game, and the player says he can’t do it, so he goes over to tell the referee it went out off of him. Realistic situation? Probably, I would say this happens consistently in sports every day. Realistic outcome? Hell no.




Every athlete in today’s world will take the rule book and inch their way to the edge of every single rule in it. Let’s face it athletes are paid big money to entertain the masses, and if they can have a competitive edge to do it, they will easily take it. This is why baseball and football players use PED’s, this is why Tom Brady likes his footballs at the minimum PSI, and this is why Lance Armstrong tied years of lies together. To get a big fat paycheck, and most of all, to win. Competitiveness is natural in every professional athlete, and that will never change. People don’t like winners unless it is you winning, or your team. Everyone else has resentment. A-Rod



So I will end this with a question, and I would like all of the sports readers to think about it. Would you rather play by the rules, and lose? Or bend and break the rules and win? Let us know what you think below.


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