Is The Hateful Eight Tarantino’s Worst Movie?

If you haven’t seen Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, consider yourself lucky. I wasn’t as fortunate and was in a screening recently. Wow, where do I go to request three hours of my life back? Never before have I left one of his films with such boredom and disinterest in a story. The first hour I was solely wondering, when is this going to start?

We know Tarantino loves to stretch out the dialog and make it chichi, well, this was just stretched out… nothing else. The story follows a bounty hunter, Kurt Russel, who is on his way to Red Rock to drop off a wanted woman. Along the way he picks up Sam Jackson, and Walton Goggins. A blizzard disrupts the journey and they have to take shelter in a cabin. I’m already bored just giving the synopsis. Anyway, inside that cabin is her gang, including her brother, Channing Tatum. It slowly becomes a “Who dun it,” then about 40 minutes later, it finally ends.

According to the Rotten Tomatoes people, they have The Hateful Eight sitting at 75%. Wow, really? By those standards, that would make even an average movie 110%. Now, we know this certainly isn’t his lowest rated movie, he has a few under 30%… but this is certainly now way to follow up Django!

What happened to Tarantino while he was writing this? Why didn’t any studio execs have the huevos to say, “Hey, maybe, make something happen more often than every 66 minutes.” I get it’s Tarantino, and everyone loves his off the beaten path of filmmaking… but this was on a path that shouldn’t be seen by an audience.This movie should have run for four weeks on broadway, then died. Unfortunately, it will live on in the form of fully in stock on Amazon. Go see the Revenant instead.

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