The Johnny Manziel Soap Opera Continues

Johnny Manziel is a quarterback. As of right now, he’s not an NFL one though. He may have won the Heisman trophy but currently he doesn’t have a spot on any team. Let’s just say he hasn’t had a good year. The Browns cut him the offseason. The Browns who haven’t had good quarterback play since they were resurrected in the late 90’s. Was it his play? Was he just not good enough to play for the Browns? Perhaps. But it’s much more likely to be related to the plethora of personal issues he has faced recently.

This last year, really the last six months, haven’t been kind to Johnny Football. We’ve chosen to ignore most of the news involving him but this most recent drama is too bizarre to not mention. It’s not even really bad either. Just strange. It’s not like he was caught fucking a stripper with ten pounds of cocaine in his truck. That would make more sense.

So it all started towards the end of last week. Manziel’s former Texas A&M teammate and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller announced that if he was running the Broncos he would have signed Manziel already. A big vote of confidence in current starter Mark Sanchez. But can you blame a guy for fighting for his friend?

After being spotted by TMZ in Los Angeles this weekend, Manziel claimed he was living with Miller now. That makes sense, right? Maybe Johnny is trying to get better. His old college buddy is helping him out trying to get his life together and maybe helping him get another shot in the NFL. After seeing what Manziel could do in college, I think we could all root for that.

Except none of that was true. He wasn’t living with Von Miller. He’s living in an apartment on the Sunset Strip. When you’re struggling with substance abuse, that’s where you want to be. Great decision Johnny. The Sunset Strip is best known for its music venues where bands like Guns N’ Roses did copious amounts of drugs before playing to their similarly drugged up fans. Wait, Guns N’ Roses, Sunset Strip? Guns N’ Roses just played a reunion show at the Troubadour, which is on the Sunset strip, last week. And Axl Rose broke his foot during that show. Can we be sure Johnny Manziel wasn’t involved.

And the story gets weirder or more predictable possibly. Manziel wasn’t living alone, but with former Browns teammate Josh Gordon. If you can’t remember him it’s because he was suspended¬†all last year. Why? Because he’s failed like a hundred drug tests since entering the league. And now he’s failed another one. It doesn’t look he’ll be back in the NFL anytime soon. Just like his roommate. How is this not already a reality show on the E! Network already?

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