Kaepernick Not The Only Idiot On The 49ers?

If you thought Colin Kapernick was the only idiot on the 49ers, then think again. The 49ers just released their fullback, Bruce Miller, for beating up a 70 year old man and his 29 year old son.

An instagram photo that Miller had taken earlier in the day showed that him and a couple friends had been drinking at a bar. Later that evening Miller tried checking into a Marriott at Fishermen’s Wharf but was told the hotel was full. Instead of leaving, Miller decided to take actions into his own hands and knock on a random hotel room door. The man that was staying in the hotel room told Miller that he had the wrong room. After hearing that, Miller then decided to start beating up the man. The man’s 70 year old father came to help him, and Miller beat him up also, allegedly bruising and breaking some bones in the man’s face.

After this incident happened the 49ers immediately released Miller.


The 49ers are quite the talk around the NFL lately, with Kaepernick continuing to sit during the National Anthem and now their fullback beating up senior citizens. The 49ers are already supposed to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season, so all this extra baggage in their locker room sure doesn’t help.

I’m proud of the 49ers for immediately releasing someone that clearly has mental issues. If Kaepernick continues to sit during the National Anthem and begins to play poorly then maybe it would be in their best interest to release that moron also.

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