Is Colin Kaepernick Your Role Model?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been the talk of the town lately. And not for his play on the field. And not for anything he did while standing either. In fact, the reason he’s in the news is because his decision to remain seated. Why is that a big deal? Because he did that during the national anthem.

The guy say he won’t stand for the anthem because America is racist. A country where he can earn 19 million bucks a year to play a game, is racist. So, he refuses to stand for the anthem.

Do I care? No, should you care… no. But this little world has to get their panties in a bunch at the drop of a hat. Will this have repercussions? You bet your ass it will. Look he sucks, he was awful last year. He might not even make the 49ers roster this season. Perhaps this is his way of shifting the focus from lousy performance to lousy behavior. We can only speculate… but that speculation might be accurate.


That’s one side of it though. Was Kaepernick actually right to sit in protest. A lot of people are saying that Kaepernick disrespected the flag, a symbol of our freedoms that have allowed him to get rich playing a game. But it’s a symbol of all our freedoms including the freedom to buy marijuana from a store* (a freedom recently exercised by new Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot). Or, you know, the freedom to not have to stand up during the national anthem.

*This freedom only available in select locations

So maybe Kaepernick is paying the ultimate respect to the flag by exercising this freedom. Maybe he has legitimate issues with our country, something he would share with all three major presidential candidates (I haven’t forgotten you Gary Johnson). Maybe he thinks this is the best way to voice those concerns. One thing’s for sure. We all hear you now Colin.

So what do you think? Do you stand with Kaep’s decision to sit or do you think he’s an asshole? Or do you really not care and just want to see some real football already?

Is Colin Kaepernick doing the right thing by sitting during the national anthem?

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