Katt Williams is Spinning Off This Planet

If you haven’t seen recent headlines regarding Katt Williams and sparring, you haven’t been following the news. Multiple incidents show Katt starting fights with others, most recently, with a young teenager, who ended up putting the beat down on the 155 pound Katt.

Katt Williams, what is going on? He was watching some kids play soccer. Then he joined in and next thing you know, he punched a 17  year old boy in the face. No time after that… it was all the teenager. Wonder if after the video he made him lick that white dog sh*t…


It’s a wonder if Katt has had any mental evaluations. In Seattle back in 2012, he had some trouble. He got kicked out of his hotel after police were called. He didn’t do his set either. Not long after that incident he tackled a guy before a rap battle… he then got his ass whooped…. And now this one. So, we have to ask… Katt, are you okay? Do you need assistance?

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