Let’s Make 2017 Not So Stupid!

2016 was filled with “Jackass” wannabe’s who were seeking viral fame in hopes of glancing at 15 minutes of fame. What I mean by that is anytime you went on Facebook, YouTube, or any other video app someone would share anĀ idiot from Kansas doing that dumb as shit thing or that moron from Brooklyn nearly killing himself for the laugh. It’s getting excessive and should be put to an end!

Think about it this way, how often does a video go viral vs how often do these videos come out? The research isn’t out on it but I can tell you it’s roughly 500,000 to 1 on going viral. But what’s nearly 100% guaranteed is you make an ass out of yourself at the very least. You can pretty easily add injury or damage to that though. And that’s measured in dollars. I can only imagine the guy who is lighting himself on fire on the roof and jumping into a pool isn’t exactly the CEO of Uber. He might work for Uber though.

Take this honkey for example.


Now you’re probably saying, “I needed to see this huge guy try to burn the fat off himself before beach season snuck up on him again.” But the reality is, no, nobody needed to see this. It’s not so much a knock at him for being enormous but rather that he’s a jackass. I hope Mrs. Holmes see’s this and yanks his PS4 console away for the rest of the year.

Before you think this guy is a one and done kind of guy, (well you probably never thought that, this guy always gets seconds.) But this stuff is his thing. Notice the surroundings, this is obviously in a flyover state. Now foreigners, this is why we call it a flyover state. They are literally so bored there they are trying to blow themselves up and leap off a ladder and hope they go through the Earth and get shit out the other side of the planet. By the way, never be named Leroy.


I know the dream is to get on Tosh.0 but isn’t it a dream to get a job now that Blockbuster has closed its doors? I’m sure he’s been applying places, Game Stop had shown some interest.

Okay, we are going a little too hard on the big guy. He just wants to impress his friends and maybe get a little fame. There are plenty of other dumb shits out there, like this girl who was falling all over the place. Really aggressively falling too, and really goddamn dumb.


This lady is god awful, I get it she’s probably really funny and outgoing. Nobody actually knows her really well besides her cat, her mom, and that other girl who’s probably just like her. She’s hoping to get seen by Lorne Michaels and get a spot on SNL. Good luck with that…

If we looked at even a percent of the videos out there this would be a million word article and ain’t nobody got time fa that! Instead, we took only a couple of the dumbest ones out there for you… enjoy?


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