Let’s Not Turn on Each Other

The election of Donald Trump has inspired a lot of emotions these last couple months. Some people are excited, many more are horrified. I’m not here to say not to feel these things. I think Trump will be terrible (and that has little to do with his political leanings). But if your horror turns to rage, you need to show a little restraint.

Now here’s a story about people who couldn’t constrain their rage. In Chicago, four people were recently arrested for kidnapping and torturing an 18 year old. Allegedly, they targeted the teen because he supported Donald Trump. The attackers could be heard on video yelling “Fuck White People” and Fuck Donald Trump”. Video? Yes, these idiots were dumb enough to film this and put it on Facebook live. Didn’t take long for the cops to catch them.


So this is not okay, even if Trump was Hitler. This won’t make it better. Some 18 year old kid from the suburbs is not your oppressor. You’re only making it worse. You can fight Trump and his supporters without actually fighting them. Your battles should never get physical. Do you remember that time when Martin Luther King Jr. kidnapped those white guys to prove a point? No, of course not because he never did that. I’m not saying this kind of action won’t change anything but it’s just not going to change things the way you want them to be changed.

Now for you Trump supporters, I have something to ask of you. Calm the fuck down. This is not representative of black people everywhere. Don’t get crazy and retaliate. This was awful and the perpetrators will be punished. And this is not some large scale conspiracy. These people were not inspired by Brian Williams or some other ineffective liberal newsman to do this. Again, this is not okay, but you will need to let it go. Let the law enforcement officers that you love so much do their job.

Crazy shit is going to continue to happen. Trump isn’t even president. Worse is still to come but we’re going to have to get past it. We all know someone who voted for the other side; a family member, a friend, a Co-worker, perhaps even a lover. If we want society to continue to function we can’t go crazy on one another. We must maintain some level of decency. Everyone needs to relax, reflect, and try to make the world a better a place in your own way. You can get angry, but you can’t get violent. We can’t turn on each other.

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