Like His Finances, the Release of Kanye’s New Album Has Been a Disaster

You may have heard already, but Kanye West hast announced that he’s $53 million in debt. That number may be total bullshit, you can never know with Kanye, but his fashion line has cost him a bunch of money up to this point. But Kanye is one of the most popular musicians out there. He can just get the money back by selling some albums, right? You’d think, but he’s completely botched the release of his latest album, which was just released this week.


Kanye West’s much anticipated 7th solo album, The Life of Pablo, was released on Sunday. Well, kind of. It was available for long enough for some reviews to come in. Pitchfork gave it a 9/10, which coming from Pitchfork is like a 15/10. The album had been in the works for a while. “No More Parties in LA” was originally recorded in 2010 and the single “Wolves” was performed at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special one year ago.

Kanye’s ability to make music that people want to hear is not in question though. The problem is in how he’s gotten it out to his fans. After his performance on SNL this past weekend, West announced that the album would be released that day on Jay-Z’s streaming service, TIDAL. It seemed as if Kanye was just doing his buddy a favor. TIDAL was kind of a flop, as there were so many existing streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, that no one signed up for it. So was Kanye releasing his album on TIDAL going to be their big break?

The big release didn’t go as planned. The first problem was that people who bought the album through TIDAL, weren’t receiving download codes. TIDAL was also charging some people’s credit card twice. To help solve the problem, TIDAL asked customers to direct message them Twitter. I don’t think Twitter was designed for customer service. That’s embarrassing for a big company to have to do that.

The reason people weren’t receiving their download codes though, was that Kanye decided to stop making the album available for download. Kanye wanted to make a few tweaks and he’s promised to re-release it next week. So all those people who bought and want to download it now are out of luck.

What if you want to avoid TIDAL altogether. Originally, Kanye planned to make the album available through other music sellers like itunes but now he’s saying it will be exclusive to TIDAL.

Kanye, many people consider you to be a brilliant artist. But maybe you’re not a brilliant business man. You don’t have to be though. There are plenty of people you can hire who can take care of those things for you. I’ll give you some free advice though. Put your album on itunes, sell a bunch of copies, and go make a bunch of money touring. You can dig your way out of this hole of debt. No one wants a broke Kanye.

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