Lionel Messi To Go To Jail?

Lionel Messi was in the news today, and it wasn’t for his incredible soccer skills. Messi and his father were sentenced today to 21 months in jail but thankfully for them they won’t have to actually face jail time. According to Spanish law, if you face a tax fraud sentence of under 2 years of jail time you can face it with probation. Although with how much money Messi has and with how popular he is, I think we all knew that no matter what happened he would be able to avoid jail time.

Messi recently came out and said he was going to retire from Argentina football, but I have to imagine he was just at a very emotional state with everything going on in his life. I predict Messi to get through this tough time and continue to be the very best soccer player in the world, with Barcelona and Argentina.

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