Between a Lochte and a hard place

Ryan Lochte, since the Olympics are over you might have already forgotten about him. He’s the guy in Michael Phelps shadow. There, now you remember. Brazil isn’t taking his alleged story sitting down. They are firing back and pressing charges of filing a false report. So many issues here. When your country is over flowing with crime and corruption is it worth it to go after one swimmer?

He lost his endorsements from Ralph Loren and Speedo. So, it’s safe to say this wasn’t a very good trip. Should he be hit this hard for getting drunk in a third world country, doing some things drunk guys do when they don’t pick up a girl after a night of drinking. Then having a gun pointed at him, in a third world country and thinking it was a robbery. I’m going to speak from experience for a second, I got intoxicated in San Diego years ago. I got lost and was asking people if they spoke English and if I could make an international call. Just by proxy to Mexico. You do dumb things when you’re intoxicated and on top of that, Lochte isn’t the smartest person in the pool.

If he’s lucky this will spiral into a reality series on MTV and he can keep up his nonsensical behavior. As for Brazil. Get your shit together first, then focus on one drunk swimmer.

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