Look Out Apple, Google’s Pixel Smartphone Is Taking Your Fans

Google went and made a smart phone, and Apple fans will prolly go with it too. 

Today in San Francisco, Google introduced their newest smartphone to the world. Known as Pixel, it is packed with features people want and one Apple yanked from their phone. Before we break down the pros and cons of what we saw today, let’s talk about the pageantry.

Apple loves to stretch out their keynote with nonsense, usually involving someone like Sting or something. What is has to do with the keynote is nothing, but the people usually like it and don’t think twice about it. Well, Google opened with a little pageantry of their own and it was ten time better, and it was under 2 minutes. Watch below…

In a rather quick and to the chase keynote they shot out feature after feature and every one of the them was more impressive than the last. From unlimited cloud storage of photos and 4K videos to VR, this phone doesn’t disappoint.


Pixel Google

Virtual Reality

The Pixel phone connects to daydream view wirelessly – even has a controller to make things easier. The controller even has a home inside the headset.

Street view in VR – visit thousands of places as if you’re there. YouTube will even have an impressive array of VR enabled videos.

Headset is made of fine fabrics and look like clothing vs machine. Looks sharp and nothing like the boring others.


VR headset cost…$79. You can get the that starting in November

As for the Pixel phone, they start at $649.00 and you can preorder now.


Oh and we forgot to say, both phones offer all the features…

For all features check out their site

Google VR

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