Look out Snapchat, Instagram is coming for you!

An update to Instagram might be taking Snapchat out of the mainstream… quick.

You remember when Instagram added video playback to their app, making Vine an antique. Well, they are at it again and this time Evan Spiegel’s baby is at risk. Everyone has Snapchat, I think even my mom has it. But there is something they have been lacking since day one that Instagram has in their 1.0. The ability to grow your following. Snapchat is a closed circuit, sure you can throw your username out there on your social networks, but then people have to punch it in… who the hell has time for that when there are pokeman to be catching?

That and that alone is enough juice to take out the powerhouse, Snapchat.  Think of Instagram like the blob, it’s a slow moving creature that will suck up anything in its path. It took forever for them to add video, but it worked… it took years to mimic snapchat… but this will work too. #RIP Snapchat.

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