Lou Williams VS LeSean McCoy

As America well knows, it was Kobe Bryant’s final basketball game last night. This didn’t stop Lou Williams from confronting LeSean McCoy right after the game, though. I believe it’s Drake who said “trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers”, and that’s exactly what LeSean McCoy decided to do last night. Here is the exchange between the two athletes.



In case you don’t remember LeSean McCoy went to the farewell tour of Kobe Bryant earlier in the year. What seems to pass McCoy’s mind is that he is also being investigated for his role in the beating of two off duty police officers. Either way it seems as though these two don’t like each other much. It may be a good thing that McCoy is on the opposite side of the country in Buffalo for Lou, but I’m not sure who I would put my money on. Shady is made of glass, and I’m sure his fantasy owners would attest to that.

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