Lunatic Living With Tony Toutouni

Nowadays the American dream is to be Insta-famous and have lots of money; well that’s exactly what LunaticLiving, Tony Toutouni does. Many attempt to replicate his lifestyle, however few succeed. We were very interested in finding out more about the man, the myth, the lunatic, so we got in touch with him.


He has been successful since the beginning basically, finding a nightclub that had some misfortune in its past. The club had lost their liquor license and was shut down. His entrepreneurial mindset lit up, Tony was lucky enough to have a friend who was able to get the license reinstated, not before he got the money to buy the club. Before long the place was booming and Tony was making stacks of cash. He didn’t want to be limited to just that so he sold the club, making a killing.

He would continue to find places that were potential goldmines and invest in them. Over the years he has owned car dealerships, night clubs, bars, hair salons, and more. Investing in all these things were making Tony a very wealthy man. He was transitioning to another class and with that class came an entire new lifestyle. A lifestyle that his million followers are interested in knowing about.

He and his good friend, Dan Bilzerian tear up the world on a daily basis. When I asked him one of his crazier stories he couldn’t even answer, “Everyday is crazy, 15 years ago was crazy and it is the same today, every moment is crazy.” The two frequently fly private together all around the world, often in the company of several beautiful women.

Tony Toutouni

Tony is always under the microscope from various feminist groups. They obviously don’t approve of his lavish lifestyle or the way he treats women. However, it is often blown out of proportion. I asked of a particular moment or photo that outraged the group more so than normal. “I posted a photo with girls on leashes, but they didn’t get it, it was a joke between friends…” He was mocking Travers Beynon, the Australian playboy who posted a photo of himself walking his wife and additional bed partner in his front yard on leashes. “He is always trying to get me to promote his profile, I will never do it.”

As I look at his Instagram I see the reason he has a million followers as well as the reason some people aren’t okay with how he chooses to live his life. When you boil it down, it’s exactly that though, his life. Speaking with him for the brief amount of time that I did, I have to say he seems like a down to earth guy. Not the spoiled, pompous typical rich guy.

Tony Toutouni

It seems nowadays that everyone is overly vocal with things they don’t approve of. It’s not like this lifestyle is brand new, just the sharing of it over the internet, (relatively speaking). So what I have to say to you is this, if you like his lifestyle, follow him, by all means. If you don’t like it, don’t burn the calories saying why.

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