Mac OS X El Capitan or Windows 10?

With the release of Windows 10 and the public beta of El Capitan out, we wanted to see what your take was on these operating systems. Before you vote, if you aren’t up to speed on them, let’s update you. Below are some of our favorite features.


Windows 10

  • Start Menu – An updated, bright and bold start menu brings new life to your desktop. Looks like the latest
  • Task View – For the person without duel monitors, this is a way to do that. It’s good for editing or projects.
  • Cortana – Not as sophisticated as Scarlet Johansson in “Her” but pretty awesome. She can handle the simplistic commands such as opening a photo album from Ireland, however when you get too complex she just goes to her big brother, Edge…
  • Edge – With the demise of Internet Explore recently, Edge is basically Chrome. It’s far better than Internet Explore. Edge will be a browser for you to use, with Cortana built in you can enjoy the synergy between the two features.
  • DirectX 12 – What’s DirectX 12.? I’m not entirely sure how to explain it but it’s an improvement of DirectX 11.  It will improve efficiency when it comes to graphical performance.  That means increased performance for things like video editing and gaming.

El Capitan

  • Split View – No more swiping back and forth between pages on your Mac, you can split the screen between two apps. A feature most people working on reports or projects will find handy.
  • Notes – This is a great upgrade, adding pictures, links, and drawings to the app. Not a lot of people use notes, this will change, thanks to this update.
  • Tune Out Tabs – not the biggest upgrade, I’m finding a lot of sites nowadays, not ours, have popup videos, and videos in the article. I didn’t click to hear the new bundle deal from Progressive. This feature allows you to mute the webpage.
  • Spotlight – This is getting better with every update, from only being able to search your own files, now you can search the web… basically treat Spotlight like Google.

Windows 10 or Mac OS X El Capitan?

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