March Madness! 6 Teams to Look at Before March

We’re coming towards the end of February, so you know what that means right? MARCH MADNESS! So we’re going to give you long shot bets, good bets, and teams not to bet on.

Long Shot Bets

Purdue: Purdue is going off at 40-1 to win the NCAA tournament and that is GREAT value. Purdue has a chance to win the Big 10 this season. They’re currently ranked 14th in the country and are on a nice little win streak. They’re a very well rounded team that plays good defense, has good shooters, has playmakers, and solid bigs. At 40-1 this team is definitely worth putting a few bucks on.

West VirginiaWest Virginia is currently the 9th ranked team in the country and is also pretty well rounded. They can score the basketball, averaging nearly 80 points a game, and play very good defense. They like to press a lot which forces teams to turn the ball over. The only thing to take away from West Virginia is that they have had trouble recently closing out games. But with a good coach I think they can correct those mistakes and are a solid bet at 28-1.

Teams To Not Bet On

GonzagaGonzaga is currently the #1 team in the country but let;s not get too hyped up on them. They’re in a terrible conference and sure, they’re kicking team’s asses, but I am just not sold on them. If they were about 12-1 I would maybe consider, but at 7-1 there’s no way I can take that bet. Gonzaga will 100% not win the tournament, so don’t waste your money.

DukeDuke is currently the favorite to win the tournament, and that’s not going to happen. Duke is a solid team but they definitely shouldn’t be the favorite. Just a few weeks ago they were a loss away from probably being out of the top 25, and now they’re the favorites? Give me a break. Duke won’t be able to compete with teams such as Villanova, Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina on a mutual court.

Teams To Bet On

VillanovaVillanova won the tournament last year and at 10-1 odds, that looks GREAT to me. They still have a very solid offensive and defensive team. They still have a good amount of last year’s team this season, which means they’ll be ready for this tournament. I honestly believe Villanova should be at least 7-1, so how can we say no to 10-1? Watch out for Villanova again this season.

North CarolinaNorth Carolina is in one of the toughest divisions (ACC) and have looked VERY good of late. This team lost on a buzzer beater 3 in the finals last season so you can expect them ready to want revenge. They’re going off at 9-1 which I find as tremendous value because I believe they could be worthy as at least 6-1. It’s a team that’s well coached and had a taste of the finals last year, watch out for North Carolina this March.

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