Maria Sharapova is a Cheater, But Even Worse She’s a Liar

News came out earlier this week that Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova had failed a drug test. In a press conference on Monday, Sharapova took full responsibility for the failed test and admitted to taking the banned substance. It was a somber day in sports, as one of its biggest stars was taken down. Could we forgive Maria? Was the failed test just a simple mistake or was she a cheater?

The banned substance that Sharapova took is called Meldonium. Now, Meldonium was only recently banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. And by recently I mean January 1st of this year. Yeah, not very long ago. However, that does mean she was using the substance during this year’s Australian Open in January. And that’s exactly where she tested positive for it.


So what exactly does Meldonium do for an athlete? The drug is actually used to treat heart disease by increasing blood flow. An increase in blood flow allows athletes to exercise longer and harder. But Sharapova claimed she was using the drug for its intended purpose. She was using it to treat an illness, not to gain an advantage over her opponents. Should we believe her?

No, she’s a dirty liar. The manufacturer of the drug said that a normal treatment lasts four to six weeks. Not the ten years that Sharapova had been using it. And now, it has been announced that four other notable Russian athletes have tested positive for Meldonium. Did they all have a medical condition?

So what does the future hold for the once bright star. She may be banned from competition for up to four years. Her sponsors are abandoning her. It looks like her days as the highest paid female athlete are over. But she’s still crazy hot (which is the real reason she was the highest paid female athlete, rather than Serena Williams, who is much better at tennis). So it’s not all bad for her.



Yeah, I think she’ll be fine.



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