Marijuana will be legal in a few new states soon, are you ready?

“Would you like a joint with that stoner burrito?”

Voters in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine approved to legalize recreational marijuana. That’s right no med card needed (well, starting January 1st, 2018) to get as baked as your little soon to be stoned butt can handle. It’s about time this happened, sure some of you “veteran” stoners aren’t happy but is it about you and your precious herb? No, think about the tax revenue this will bring in for the state that the government can in turn do nothing beneficial with…. But at least they get a chance to try.


So, brace yourself… newcomers to the stuff, take it easy. Old timers (to weed) be inviting. And if there has ever been a time to invest in hacky sack companies, that would be now.

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