Massive brawl erupts at… Chuck E Cheese?

We did a double take on that too…

You’ve heard of fights breaking out at the ball park or at the bar, but not a Chuck E Cheese. Turns out, yeah people will fight there too! A couple days ago in Miami some “adults” threw punches and just about everyone got involved. Solid example to set for your kids folks. And what is wrong with Florida? Seriously can we kick them out of the country? They are throwing off our average. Think about it, all the insane or just bizarre stories come out of there. Why do you think that is?

Here’s some advice, want to keep your kid out of jail? Don’t fight strangers in front of him. I say strangers because I’m sure they can’t refrain from going upside a family members head. Here is the video, if you had any faith in humanity left you can just throw that out now.

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