We Might Build the Wall (But Mexico Won’t Pay For It)

Donald Trump wants to build a wall. A wall between the United States and Mexico. And Mexico is going to pay for it. At least that’s what Donald has been telling us. If you haven’t heard this then you haven’t been paying attention to this campaign at all. This is the central issue of Trump’s message. It’s a little weird to make thisĀ such anĀ integral part of his campaign but the thing is, when Donald talks about his policies, he doesn’t talk about his best. They’re stupid, they’re shortsighted, they’re a little racist, but some I assume are good policies.

The problem for Trump is that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. I really don’t know what his plan was either. Was he just going to forward the invoices to accountspayable@mexico.com or something? But Mexico has pretty clearly come out and said they’re not paying.

Now for some reason, trump made a visit to Mexico. A little odd as he’s running for president of THE UNITED STATES. People in Mexico can’t vote for him. But he did it anyways. And after he even mentioned that he discussed “The Wall” with the Mexican president. But they didn’t discuss payment. Trump said “that’ll be for a later date.”

So the wall might happen. It’s unlikely that Trump is elected at this point, but not impossible. And if he is, I think he can get it built. If there’s one thing Trump is good at, it’s building useless shit like Atlantic City casinos. But Mexico is not paying for it. And based on his history with said Atlantic City casinos, Trump wouldn’t be paying for it either.

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