Milana Vayntrub

You’ve seen her in the AT&T commercials and you were probably instantly hooked like we were. Truth is, we had seen her before that. She had been on Californication, season 7, episode 3… remember? She was the first girl to audition for the crack whore role in the show Hank was writing on… if you still don’t recall she was the one who improvised the glass dick… it stuck with us, the price she paid. Needless to say, she is beautiful and really funny.

milana vayntrub

She actually had a youtube channel a couple years ago that was amazing and funny, watch the one with Matt Damon below! She was most recently in a Yahoo web series, Other Space. A rather funny show I must say, haven’t finished it yet but I like where it’s heading. Look for miss Milana to be a big star, between her acting ability and her humor, she packs a punch.

milana vayntrub


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