What you missed at the Apple keynote this morning

The Apple keynote, WWDC was this morning. It kicks off a week of every developers wet dream, hands on with new Apple software! There were some good and some okay, but overall… fairly good upgrades coming your way! Let’s start with Apple Watch updates!

Apple Watch

  • Instant updates and instant launch – no more waiting for your apps to load or even update. They’ve got you!
  • 7 times faster to launch an app
  • SOS- like the Life Alert button you see all those senior citizens sporting around their neck. This is just a little more high tech. Hold the side button for a few seconds and it will call 911, or 999 pending your country, yeah it works internationally too. It will also notify your emergency contacts!
  • Workout apps get updated and you can now compete with friends and family. See who is the most fit!

Not bad, personally the Apple Watch will never be a thing on my list to get. But these features are inching the right direction!Apple watch

Apple TV

  • Single Sign-on – One login, and you’re covered. No more logging into every app on your TV. It’s behind you!

Mac OS

  • Siri is finally moving into your Mac! And the good news, all MacBooks 2010 and up are getting her!
  • Seamless copy and paste between all devices; iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch to your Macbook
  • Apple Pay is joining the team

IOS 10

  • Pictures get new feats like fancy slideshows/ movies
  • Maps get third party app integration
  • Siri as well, order Ubers, make reservations via Open Table. Anything is possible nowIOS 10 messages text
  • Apple Music gets a face lift. Adding discover playlists. Like Spotify did a year or so ago
  • Voicemail dictation – no longer did you need to listen to to your mothers message that’s way too long.  Read it now!
  • Texting – this is big-
    • Rich links. That means when you send a link, it will post with a picture or a video… whatever it is your sending.
    • Emoji-fy things – when words can be emojis, you will see options to swap them out
    • Bubble effects – when you want to make a big presence in texting, you can add animation to how the recipient gets their message
    • Surprise message – you can hide a picture of a surprise so it’s revealed, building up the moment.
    • You can even add effects to the background of the chat. Example, fireworks.

That was the more exciting updates. No iPhone news, but, in the past we’ve seen a little conference pop up a week or so before launch. Which is generally September or October time. So stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, we will keep up with the latest rumors regarding the forthcoming iPhone.


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