MLB 2016 At The Break

Well, we’ve reached the halfway point of the MLB season. It’s been an exciting season so far with a lot of surprises and disappointments. So here we are to tell you who’s been surprising, disappointing, and who’s going to perform well in the future.

But first let’s look at our preseason preview:

Division Winners

AL East – Blue Jays

AL Central – Tigers

AL West – Astros

NL East – Nationals

NL Central – Cubs

NL West – Giants

0/3 in the AL but 3/3 in the NL. Not bad. And all our AL picks are in 2nd at least.


AL – Mike Trout

NL – Paul Goldschmidt

The Angels are in last place so no MVP for Trout (even if he deserves it). Goldschmidt’s team is also in last place and he’s not having his best year either.

Cy Youngs


AL – Chris Sale

NL – Clayton Kershaw

These guys have to be the favorites for the award right now.

Rookie of the Year

AL – Blake Snell

NL – Corey Seager

In 6 starts, Snell hasn’t been terrible but he’s probably out of the race already. In the NL, it’s Seager’s award to lose.

Surprising Team

AL – Cleveland Indians

NL – Washington Nationals

We loved the Indians last year too, picking them to reach the World Series. We were a year too early. The Nationals are also having a big bounce back year, as we predicted.

Our predictions as awhile were pretty solid. So how do we see the rest of the year shaking out and how did the 1st half go?

Surprising Team in the First Half

Cleveland Indians

The Indians were predicted to be a pretty good team this year, but they’ve definitely outdone expectations so far. The Indians went into the break with a 52-36 record and are currently 6.5 games ahead in 1st place. They have a solid starting rotation led by Danny Salazar. If they can make a move or two at the trade deadline to improve their team I believe this team could win the AL pennant.

Disappointing team in the First Half

Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks made some big moves in the offseason acquiring Zack Grienke and Shelby Miller. Their expectations were to at least compete in the National League, but that’s been quite the opposite thus far. The Diamondbacks went into the break in last place in the NL West with a 38-52 record.

I personally didn’t expect them to be anything great this year, but I’d be lying if  I said I didn’t think they’d at least compete. They have a solid hitting team led by players such as Paul Goldschmidt and Jake Lamb. But their bullpen and pitching rotation (outside of Grienke) is just trash, and in this league you definitely need pitching to make it far.

AL MVP Frontrunner

David Ortiz


Ortiz is in his final MLB season and is arguably playing his best. He went into the break 4th in the MLB in batting average, 2nd in RBI, and 9th in home runs. He also leads the league in doubles. He’s having phenomenal season and somehow is only 6-1 odds to win the MVP. Obviously the sports books think he’s going to slow down, but I don’t think he will. I think he’ll continue to dominate and since it’s his last season they’ll be more willing to just hand him the MVP. I know they don’t like to give the MVP to the DH, but lets be real no one else in the American League really deserves it other than him.


NL MVP Frontrunner

Kris Bryant


Kershaw may be the most valuable player in the NL, but he’s currently injured and this little bit of missed time will really hurt his chances. That leaves it open for Kris Bryant, the best hitter in the NL. The fact that his Cubs are arguably the best team in the NL won’t hurt. A 40+ homer season will likely get him the award.

AL Cy Young

Chris Sale

Why change our pick? Sale is 14-3 this year and I’d expect his ERA to drop a little as the season goes on.

NL Cy Young

Clayton Kershaw

Again, no change. Kershaw is way out in front of everyone else.

AL Rookie of the Year

Nomar Mazara


Mazara has been really solid in Texas so far and his team is going to win the division. I think this is his award but the end of the year.

NL Rookie of the Year

Corey Seager


Seager is going to win this if he keeps up his pace. He’s been one of the best players overall this year.

World Series Matchup

Texas Rangers Vs. Chicago Cubs

The Rangers have the best record in the AL an Yu Darvish has only made 3 starts. With him joining Cole Hamels at the top of the rotation, Texas is our pick to win the AL.

The Cubs have hit a rough patch but they’re still the deepest team in the NL. They’ll get back on track.




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