MLB Instant Replay

For a couple seasons now managers have been able to stop play and challenge a call, and I hate it! In football I understand because there’s a lot of obvious plays that should go the other way, but in baseball there’s so many close plays that the umpires still get it wrong.



There’s been a couple instances just in the past week where I’ve seen a play get challenged and it should’ve been overturned, but instead they say the play “stands” which means there wasn’t enough evidence to “confirm” the call. In baseball there’s so many “bang bang” plays that there’s going to be too many instances when a call should be overturned and they won’t have enough evidence to be able to make the right call.

On top of that you already have fans complaining that the game of baseball takes too long, and when you add a 5 minute delay in the game just to make the wrong call “stand”, then I think all you’re doing is continuing to hurt the game. Baseball should just go back to letting umpires make their call (it’s what they get paid for) and leave the challenged calls to football.


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