78S – MLB Post Season/ Andy Is Good At Google

We’re four weeks into the NFL season which means Jameis is back. No one’s excited but still. He’s back. Also, the Rams and Chiefs won again to no one’s surprise. We also discuss rank Reich’s idiotic decision. And make sure to listen for our pick of the week.

It’s also the eve of the upcoming NHL season. While we’re no hockey experts, we can google pretty well. We tell you a little about the big moves that happened since the Caps lifted the Cup. Speaking of cups, the Ryder Cup just happened. The US lost but we’re more interested in a freak occurrence involving Brooks Koepka.

We close this episode with talk about the MLB postseason. We had a couple tiebreakers and now the field is set. One of the Wild Card games is even in progress (we’re currently tied in the 9th). The Astros and Red Sox are looking like the favorites but the Dodgers look good to come out of the NL. But do we want to see a World Series rematch? Hopefully it doesn’t happen. Let’s get Oakland in the World Series.

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