MLB Preview in Review Part 2 – AL East


Before the season began we previewed every team in baseball.  Then, two months into the season, we reviewed our previews.  Now, four months into the season, we’re reviewing our previews again.  At this point of the season we have a better understanding of the teams.  We know who’s good and we know who sucks.  We know which teams have a shot at the playoffs and which teams should start looking to the future.  Once again, we start with the AL East.

You can find the first preview in review here.

Baltimore Orioles      Orioles Logo

Our Projection – 88-74

June Pace – 77-85

Current Pace – 78-84

Runs Per Game – 4.33 (9th)

ERA – 3.79 (14th)

Run Differential: +34 (10th)

While the Orioles are under.500 their numbers suggest they are a little better. Their lineup is still good, led by the return of Manny Machado. Their starting rotation is still bad but they’re overall pitching is solid due to a great bullpen led by All-Stars Darren O’Day and Zach Britton.

Still, I think it’s safe to count the Orioles out. They’re seven games out of the playoffs and are not rumored to make any deals before the trade deadline.

NewYankees_logo York Yankees

Our Projection – 79-83

June Pace – 86-76

Current Pace – 90-72

Runs Per Game – 4.58 (2nd)

ERA – 3.94 (20th)

Run Differential: +26 (11th)

The Yankees have been able to keep up their good start and still are in first in the AL East. Mark Teixeira and A-Rod are still their biggest contributors on offense but brett Gardner and Brian McCann are having good seasons too. The pitching is still a problem and that might be their undoing in the postseason.

It’s very likely they will play in the postseason but I’m not sure how much success they will have. Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller won’t help when you’re down by five runs.

Toronto Blue JaysBlue_Jays_Logo

Our Projection – 83-79

June Pace – 73-89

Current Pace – 81-81

Runs Per Game – 5.26 (1st)

ERA – 4.04 (22nd)

Run Differential: +94 (2nd)


The Blue Jays were much better in the second third of the season but they still must be disappointing to their fans. Their offense is ridiculously good and their pitching isn’t the worst. They should be much better than .500. They’re better than the Yankees yet they’re 5.5 games behind them. The good news for Toronto fans is there is still time to catch them.

Tampa Bay RaysTampa_RAYs_Logo

Our Projection – 77-85

June Pace – 81-81

Current Pace – 81-81

Runs Per Game – 3.55 (27th)

ERA – 3.54 (10th)

Run Differential: -16 (16th)


The Rays remain a .500 team. I don’t think there is any reason to think they are better than that. Their lineup is bad and has been bad all season long. The pitching is good but it needs to be dominant for them to be successful. The return of Matt Moore hasn’t worked out yet. He has a 4.23 ERA in four starts. Drew Smyly is close to returning but he won’t be enough to keep them in the playoff race.

Boston Red SoxRED_SOX_LOGO

Our Projection – 86-76

June Pace – 72-90

Current Pace – 72-90

Runs Per Game – 4.03 (19th)

ERA – 4.46 (28th)

Run Differential: -68 (28th)


The Red Sox suck. They really do this year. What a horrible disappointment for their fans. At Least they have those three recent titles. They’re not good at anything. I thought they would have one of the best lineups but they don’t. The young guys, Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, and Brock Holt have all been solid for them though. It’s the veterans like David Ortiz, Pablo Sandoval, and Mike Napoli that are dragging this team down. They spent a lot of money on Rusney Castillo and he only lasted 26 games before being sent to AAA.


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