MLB Preview in Review Part 2 – AL West

Before the season began we previewed every team in baseball.  Then, two months into the season, we reviewed our previews.  Now, four months into the season, we’re reviewing our previews again.  At this point of the season we have a better understanding of the teams.  We know who’s good and we know who sucks.  We know which teams have a shot at the playoffs and which teams should start looking to the future.

You can find the first preview in review here.

Los Angeles AngelsANGELS_LOGO

Our Projection – 94-68

June Pace – 86-76

Current Pace – 89-73

Runs Per Game – 4.32 (10th)

ERA – 3.58 (10th)

Run Differential: +53 (8th)


We said to be patient with the Angels.  Their offense has been great since the last time we checked.  They’re now in the top ten in runs scored and runs given up.  They had come all the way back to take back first place in their division before losing two in a row to the Astros.  I still think they’re the favorite in the division.

Oakland AthleticsOAKLAND_A'S_LOGO

Our Projection – 80-82

June Pace – 61-101

Current Pace – 72-90

Runs Per Game – 4.19 (14th)

ERA – 3.41 (6th)

Run Differential: +39 (11th)


We told you a couple months ago the A’s were better than their record.  We were right but the whole they dug themselves was too deep.  The A’s may be one of the ten best teams in the league but they have the 6th worst record and have no shot at the playoffs.  They’ve already traded Scott Kazmir and Ben Zobrist and they will likely move more players.


Our Projection – 93-69

June Pace – 78-84

Current Pace – 73-89

Runs Per Game – 3.62 (25th)

ERA – 3.91 (17th)

Run Differential: -61 (28th)


The Mariners were one of our biggest misses.  This team was supposed to be built around great pitching yet they have an above average ERA.  King Felix has been good but not dominant.  Their other two top line starters, Taijuan Walker and Hisashi Iwakuma, have been terrible.

We thought that their great pitching an improve offense, with the addition of Nelson Cruz, would result in a dangerous team.  Cruz did his job yet it still didn’t work out.


Our Projection – 75-87

June Pace – 99-63

Current Pace – 91-71

Runs Per Game – 4.43 (5th)

ERA – 3.53 (8th)

Run Differential: +75 (3rd)


We told you the Astros would cool off.  They’re still in first and our on pace to win 90 games.  They’re for real.  Their offense is really good.  Scott Kazmir was a great addition and Lance McCullers has had a terrific rookie season.  They now have two other All-Star quality pitchers to go with Dallas Keuchel.  The Astros could win the World Series.  That’s absolutely crazy.

Texas RangersTexas_Rangers_logo

Our Projection – 74-88

June Pace – 83-79

Current Pace – 78-84

Runs Per Game – 4.34 (9th)

ERA – 4.54 (28th)

Run Differential: -45 (21st)


This is closer to the team we expected.  Good offense but horrible pitching.  Of course some of that is the byproduct of their home field but it’s still mostly true.  But now the Rangers have Cole Hamels.  They released Wandy Rodriguez to make room for him.  Huge upgrade.  They could make a run now.  They’re not too far out of the second Wild Card spot.  If they make it, who knows what could happen.  They could win the whole thing.  That must be what the Rangers front office is thinking.


It looks like the division is going to come down to the team we picked, the Angels, and a young team we dismissed before the season began.  The Mariners were one of the biggest flops of the season.  The A’s and Rangers are both close to .500 which is around where we thought they would be.

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