MLB Preview in Review Part 2 – NL East

Before the season began we previewed every team in baseball.  Then, two months into the season, we reviewed our previews.  Now, four months into the season, we’re reviewing our previews again.  At this point of the season we have a better understanding of the teams.  We know who’s good and we know who sucks.  We know which teams have a shot at the playoffs and which teams should start looking to the future.

You can find the first preview in review here.

Washington NationalsNATIONALS_LOGO

Our Projection – 94-68

June Pace – 91-71

Current Pace – 85-77

Runs Per Game – 4.12 (17th)

ERA – 3.6 (10th)

Run Differential: +27 (12th)


The Nationals still have a decent record and are still in the playoff race but this season is a disappointment, so far.  Their pitching was expected to be possibly among the best of all time but this year they’re only tenth in ERA.  Max Scherzer has been fantastic but they expected more out of their other four starters.  Doug Fister and Stephen Strasburg are way too good to have the numbers they do this year.  The addition of Papelbon will improve the bullpen but they will still need more from their talented starters.

The Washington offense begins and ends with Bryce Harper.  He has been the best player in baseball this year.  Yunel Escobar and Denard Span have had decent season but the rest of their lineup is really bad.  Even if their pitching gets better, they won’t have any postseason success without offense.

New York MetsMETS_LOGO

Our Projection – 86-76

June Pace – 90-72

Current Pace – 86-76

Runs Per Game – 3.63 (28th)

ERA – 3.22 (3rd)

Run Differential: +13 (13th)


We perfectly predicted the Mets record so far.  We thought their pitching would be the strength of the team but we didn’t know it would be this good.  The offense is horrible though and will probably ruin any chance of winning the World Series.  You can’t win with zero runs.

Atlanta BravesBRAVES_LOGO

Our Projection – 75-87

June Pace – 83-79

Current Pace – 73-89

Runs Per Game – 3.72 (25th)

ERA – 4.06 (22nd)

Run Differential: -70 (27th)


Yes, this team sucks.  We thought so.  They had a nice first month but it didn’t last.  They can’t hit and even worse, their best hitter, Freddie Freeman, keeps getting hurt.  The Braves pitching is always good but not this year.  They just traded one of their best pitchers too.  They’re going nowhere.

Miami MarlinsMARLINS_LOGO_2

Our Projection – 88-74

June Pace – 62-100

Current Pace – 65-97

Runs Per Game – 3.55 (30th)

ERA – 3.76 (14th)

Run Differential: -50 (23rd)


We had done so well with this division so far.  This Marlins team makes me so sad.  I would be even sadder if I was a fan.  If there’s any silver lining with this club it’s that they’re not as bad as their record.  Their ERA is actually above average.  Getting Jose Fernandez helps that.

Their offense, however, is dead last.  If Giancarlo Stanton didn’t get hurt they would be ranked higher but they would still be bad.  Offseason acquisitions Ichiro Suzuki and Mike Morse were huge busts.  We were wrong about this team.  We admit it.


Philadelphia PhilliesPHILLIES_LOGO

Our Projection – 66-96

June Pace – 59-103

Current Pace – 64-98

Runs Per Game – 3.66 (27th)

ERA – 4.59 (29th)

Run Differential: -125 (30th)

Another good prediction in the NL East.  It was easy to see that the Phillies would be awful.  There’s so little talent.  They have no offense and without Cole Hamels they definitely don’t have any pitching.


Our predictions for the NL East were almost all accurate.  We only really missed on the Marlins.  The Nationals may now be in second place but I think they will still win the division.  The Mets may make the playoffs but it will be as a second place team.

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