MLB Trade Deadline

As of 4 o’clock eastern today, the MLB trade deadline is over. Here’s a list of some of the big name players that are going to be wearing a new uniform the rest of the 2016 season.


The Dodgers acquired Rich Hill and Josh Reddick from the Oakland Athletics. Reddick’s a proven all around player and Hill has been fantastic so far this season. He’s 36 and currently on the DL though so this is kind of a risky move for LA.


The Texas Rangers made some noise today when they acquired Carlos Beltran and Jonathon Lucroy this afternoon. Ironically, Lucroy was traded to the Indians this past weekend but blocked the trade.



The Mets just acquired the red hot bat of Jay Bruce who’s had a great week, hitting a home run in 5 straight games. The Mets lack a lot of power so Bruce should be able to give them that for their playoff push.



The Giants acquired Matt Moore today hoping to improve their pitching rotation. Outside of Bumgarner and Cueto the Giants rotation is widely mediocre.


The Indians acquired relief pitcher Andrew Miller yesterday. The Indians biggest weak spot is their bullpen so this should help them get back into the playoffs.


Winners and Losers of the deadline

One of the biggest winners of this trade deadline is probably the Texas Rangers. The Rangers acquired one of the best catchers in the game in Lucroy, and then snagged Carlos Beltran from the Yankees who’s having a great season. The Rangers will now have one of the most dangerous lineups in baseball.

One of the losers of the trade deadline would have to be the Marlins. The Marlins are currently in the 2 spot for the wildcard but they had some big holes, especially in their rotation. They thought they had plugged this hole a few days with the acquisition of a starters Andrew Cashner and Colin Rea from the Padres but a bizarre turn of events threw a wrench in their plans.

In his first start for the Marlins, Rea left the game with a sprained elbow. The Marlins were rightfully pissed and accused San Diego of hiding the injury. The Padres did the right thing though and took back Rea in exchange for one of the players Miami originally traded. Truly one of the most bizarre sequences in baseball history. But it still left Miami down a starter.

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