MLB Week 1 Overreactions


The first week of the the 2015 season is complete. What rash conclusions can we draw?

The Royals will win the American League again this year

We projected the Royals to have a worse season but they have started the year 6-0. Their offense should be below average but they have averaged more than six runs a game so far.  The Royals will not keep it up.


The Braves are back this year

After a disappointing season the Braves are off to a 5-1 start.  We predicted the pitching would be good but their offense has overperformed.  Alberto Callaspo won’t finish the season with an OPS over 1.000.


Clayton Kershaw has lost it

Going back to the playoffs, Kershaw has had four consecutive poor outings.  I wouldn’t worry though.  No pitcher is perfect.  He’ll be fine.


Adrian Gonzalez is the best player in the National League

Gonzalez has had possibly the greatest opening week in MLB history.  He’s a good player but weeks like he had are not all that uncommon.


The Angels are done

The Angels have not had a good start to the season.  They haven’t hit this season, but they will.


The Nationals were overrated

We were worried about the Nationals offense but they have been much worse than expected.  Jayson Werth, Anthony Rendon, and Denard Span haven’t played yet so that might be the problem.

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