Montana Man Survives Real Life Revenant Bear Attack!

We know it takes a certain kind of guy to live in the harshness of Montana. Between the weather and the wilderness, there is a lot of trouble that can get yah. Just the other day a video surfaced on Facebook from Todd Orr, a rugged outdoorsman. His video shows the aftermath of a bear attack. Yeah, who isn’t thinking back to that insane Revenant scene with Leo and the bear. Only this guy had bear spray… and it still didn’t work!

He has been keeping the world informed about his recovery, in fact he had surgery on his arm just yesterday. Not going to say this was all bad, it certainly brought a light to him and his lifestyle (even if it is because it’s crazy.) We hope to see more, safer videos brought to you by Todd Orr. Maybe more of the harshness of the environment over an attack by a mama bear.

By the way, this is the kind of thing you can use a safe space for… Not someone who disagree’s with your politics. We aren’t trying to get political but we were just thinking, could someone of the millennial generation survive this bear attack? Food for thought…

You can follow Todd on Facebook for updates regarding his recovery and all things wilderness! Here’s what we assume the before video would have looked like…

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