Should In-N-Out Burger Start Selling This New Burger?

A petition recently surfaced asking the fast food chain In-N-Out to add a veggie burger to their menu. A menu they haven’t changed in decades mind you. For those of you not located on the west coast, In N Out is arguably the best burger you could buy. There is just something about that burger that’s amazing. So, if the signatures reach whatever amount it reaches will In N Out give in and add a veggie burger? Do they know how to make one of those?


It’s in a company’s best interest to have a wide, yet simple menu. Meaning items are interchangeable between one another. A company that’s never tested the waters of veggie burgers (to our knowledge) might not be able to hold their level of standard when it comes to a non-meat burger. While we’re on the subject, why not add some bacon or some avocado?

On the other hand, why mess with a good thing? I’m not sure if you’ve ever gone by an In-N-Out… ever… but there is near always a line extended well beyond the standard drive through area. Why? Because it’s already the best. So, why take a chance? Sure, they can do focus groups, testing out some new items. But why bother? They cracked the code from the get go. If they start to see sales dip into the red they can then try to remove the headphone jack of their burger. (iPhone reference, keep up).


This is just a little rant, but to those eager to eat fast food vegetarians… what is this? What are you even doing in that drive thru. You should be at Sprouts or something.


So, native southern west coasters and visitors who know what this article is about, where do you fall? Should In-N-Out give in to some silly petition and add a potentially awful item. (I’m no vegetarian therefore it would for sure be awful by my account.)

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