NBA Finals Game 7

Tonight is the big night! Game 7 of the NBA finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors. The Warriors won the first two games of the series, and then found themselves with a 3-1 series lead going back home. Draymond Green didn’t play in game 5 as he was suspended for hitting a player in the nuts….again. Then game 6 the Cavaliers were able to tie the series with another commanding victory. But after game 6 a lot of questions started to come up. Steph Curry’s wife tweeted out saying how the finals haveĀ been rigged so the NBA can make more money and get ratings. Is this true? I’m not saying it is, but I definitely wouldn’t doubt it.


Regardless if some of the games in the series have been rigged or not, tonight will definitely be a fair fight. It’s the final game of the series so there would be no reason for the refs or the NBA to pull any funny business. With all that said, we had the Cavaliers winning this series from the beginning. Even when the Cavaliers found themselves down 2-0 in the series we were still confident.

We’ve told you all from the beginning and we will continue to confidently say that the Cavaliers will be the team that holds up the NBA trophy this evening. LeBron has been on a mission ever since his meltdown game 4. LeBron’s performance in this NBA finals has been one of if not THE best performance by an individual in a finals. He’ll want tonight’s championship more than anything, and he’ll get it.


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