NBA Free Agency Day 3 Recap

This day had the fewest moves made but it had maybe the most meaningful.  There have not been many surprises so far but there was one big one on the third day of free agency.

Dallas Mavericks Sign Deandre Jordan (C) to a 4 Year $80 Million Deal

We thought that, in the end, Jordan would return to the Clippers.  It’s nice to feel wanted but the Clippers were wiling to give him a max deal and gave him the best chance to win.  However, that was not enough for DJ.  He wanted a bigger role in the offense and the Clippers were not willing to give him that. (Why would they?  They had the most efficient offense in the NBA last year.)  There are other reasons people have given for Jordan’s departure but almost everyone agrees the Clippers would have been the right choice if only winning mattered.

The deal is an obvious win for Dallas.  Deandre Jordan is still probably underrated by most people.  This addition still is not likely to be enough to make the Mavericks a contender.  Jordan, even though he lead the NBA in field goal %, is never going to be a great offensive player.  They don’t have a lot of other talent on the roster right now either.

This decision by Jordan could be disastrous for the Clippers.  With the additions of Lance Stephenson and Paul Pierce, the Clippers would have been improved upon last year, when they had the third best record in the NBA.  They would have been a legitimate contender.  They should still be good but replacing Deandre will not be easy.  Even without DJ the Clippers are only a few million under the salary cap.  They won’t be able to sign anyone for more than a minimum deal.  This personal decision by Deandre Jordan may have ruined the Clippers season before it began.

Dallas Mavericks Sign Wesley Matthews (SG) to a 4 Year $64 Million Deal

The Mavericks made another big move.  Matthews is a really good player and this contract would be good value but he recently tore his Achilles. That is one of the hardest injuries to come back from.  There’s no guarantee he’ll be the same player or that he will even be able to return this upcoming season.  Matthews is no All-Star even when healthy though.  These two big signings do not make the Mavericks a title contender.

Houston Rockets Re-Sign Corey Brewer (SF) and Patrick Beverley (PG)

The Rockets made the right move bringing these two guys back.  Remember, Beverley missed the playoffs last year.  The Rockets are hoping if they bring back last year’s team and add Beverley for the playoffs, they’ll get past the Warriors.

Sacramento Kings Sign Rajon Rondo (PG) to a 1 Year $10 Million Deal

This a really low risk deal for the Kings.  If Rondo doesn’t work out like he didn’t work in Dallas the he’s gone after one year.  However, if he plays like he is capable of he can bring the Kings back to the playoffs.

Sacramento Kings Sign Marco Belinelli (SG) to a 3 Year $ 19 Million Deal

Based on Belinelli’s play with the Spurs, this a good signing by the Kings.  Will he play like he did with the Spurs though?  He can be a really good shooter but is he better than Ben McLemore or the recently traded Nik Stauskas?

New York Knicks Sign Robin Lopez (C) to a 4 Year $54 Million Deal

We had Lopez going to the Bucks and Greg Monroe going to the Knicks.  In reality, they switched.  Lopez is a great offensive rebounder and a decent all around center.  He’s a nice addition for the Knicks who could use anybody at this point.

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