NBA Playoff Preview – Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs


Season Series: 2-2

This is the premier series of the first round.  It may be the best series of the entire playoffs.  These are the two hottest teams in the league and by some measures they are the second and third best teams in the NBA.  The Clippers and Spurs are second and third, respectively, in point differential.  Somehow these two team will face each other in the opening round, which means one of them won’t even reach the second round.


The Clippers come into this series as underdogs even though they have home court advantage over the Spurs.  It’s understandable as the Spurs are the defending champs but the Clippers seem to be underrated.  They finished with the third best record in the entire league.  Their weaknesses have been magnified and their strengths have been ignored this season.  The Clippers are really good and are a legitimate contender.  Their bench is awful but they shouldn’t get as many minutes in the postseason.  What the Clippers do have is the best starting lineup and the best offense in the league.

The Spurs finished the season on an incredible run, winning 21 of 25 games.  They’re once again a popular pick to win the title.  The main player responsible for this great run is emerging star, Kawhi Leonard.  Some people believe he is the defensive player of the year even though he only played 64 games.  With Leonard healthy, there is no doubt the Spurs are a great team.

Both of these teams are great and we can see the series going either way.  We think the Clippers are a little bit better though.  They did outscore their opponents by more and did win one more game.  Home court advantage will be an important factor as well.

Most Useless Big White Guy: Spencer Hawes

In a series full of useless white guys, Spencer Hawes edges out Matt Bonner.

Series Prediction: Clippers in 7


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