What You Need to Know About the Latest Apple Conference

Apple’s latest conference went as predicted. No big surprises; a 4 inch iPhone, a smaller iPad Pro, more Apple Watch bands. We aren’t disappointed by their conference this morning, but we certainly aren’t impressed. Has Apple peaked in terms of jaw dropping creations? We have been waiting very impatiently for at least a water resistance phone. Now that the Samsung line is into multiple water resistance phones, we are questioning Apple for not following suit.



Now we can’t expect Apple to blow our minds each and every year, but we do expect them to come close at least every couple years. Making a phone larger or smaller is not an impressive advancement in our minds. At the end of the day it means all of the tech inside the huge iPhone 6 now fits into a 4 inch phone… from a technical side, that is impressive. From a consumer side, *yawn*.


There is still much anticipation for another Apple conference in the coming months, where they are expected to announce the iPhone 7. Will that be the winner, winner chicken dinner we’ve been waiting for?

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