Netflix Weekly Picks: Mud

Netflix Picks of the Week

If you’re over cable like I am, then you most definitely have Netflix. With Netflix’s wide library of movies and up and coming TV shows, there are so many options to choose from. Here I will break down a couple movies from different genres, and one TV series. Netflix has so many movies that I tend to stray away from the titles everyone has heard of, so don’t be alarmed if a blockbuster movie isn’t mentioned. I have most likely seen it, but I want to give people an extra reason to watch that movie they may have considered one night. Each excerpt will be accompanied with my own Netflix rating. (1-5 Stars)



jumanji_456Nostalgia Pick of the Week:Jumanji

Jumanji was a childhood favorite of mine, and I’m sure it was a lot of yours as well. The 1995 classic brought an ancient board game to life. The movie follows a young brother and sister, (played by Kristen Dunst and Bradley Pierce), as they find an old board game in their newly moved into home. What they don’t know is that this board game has a major secret. As you play the game you are bound to it, and all the actions included on the board come to life. As the kids begin to play the game, they release a man who has been trapped inside of the game for years. This man is Alan Parrish. He is played by the one of a kind Robin Williams, and he is also the best chance for the children’s survival.

Rating: 4 Stars

Since we are on the topic of Robin Williams, here’s a lovely tribute that has been going around the internet of him.


mud-poster01Off the Wall Movie of the Week: Mud

Mud follows a couple of kids, (Ellis and Neckbone), along a river in Arkansas. The boys set off secretly to an island where they stumble across an odd image of a boat stuck in a tree. However, they begin to discover that this boat, and this island are living quarters of a mysterious man, a man known as Mud. Ellis later discovers that Mud is a fugitive and police and bounty hunters are close by. He also discovers Mud’s true motive is to reunite true love, and runoff with his girlfriend named Juniper. Watch as Ellis sees hope in the Mud’s motives, and how it correlates into his own life. Mud is a suspenseful southern ride that exemplifies loyalty, friendship, and above all love.

Rating: 4 Stars

Sons_S7coverTV Series: Sons of Anarchy

The last season of Sons of Anarchy is added to the lineup this month. It is the perfect time to get addicted to the biker family known as the Sons of Anarchy. This series follows a biker gang that traffics weapons for the IRA (Irish Republic Army). In particular the show focuses on a young man named Jax Teller. Teller’s father was a founder of the club, and his path to leadership of the club seems inevitable. Jax deals with friendships, betrayal, deception, loyalty, and love throughout the series. The only thing he can’t seem to do is find a smart path for the clubs survival. Follow this club through 7 seasons of chaos, as you begin to get attached to the characters and rawness of the show as a whole.


Rating: 5 Stars

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